Term & conditions

Service specification

1.-The prices shown in the table above are for car rentals with a duration of one week rental. For rentals lasting consult us lower or higher prices.

2. We have special offers for long-term rentals in low season.

3. To thank you the trust placed in us, we will try to match any offer that you receive, baking us as years of experience, that is why we include the so-called “all-included “in our rentings”.


* All risk insurance, with 150€ excess.
* 24h road assistance.
* Unlimited mileage.
* VAT included.
* Free baby and child seats.
* Free additional driver.
* You can pay your rental in cash or by card.
* We can help you to collect the car by yourself.
* Delivery and collection at the airport or in your location without additional charges.
* You must be older ... and be in possession of the driving licence for at least 2 years
* New cars with all guarantees: air-conditioning, airbag and power steering in all our cars.


• The lessee receives the rented vehicle described on the front owned by Estrella Ruiz Ruiz, in perfect condition, with all its documents, tires, tools and accessories, you promise to keep and drive the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code and will be returned to the lessor at the place and date on the front states, regarded as misappropriation if I did.
• The driver must be at least 22 year old. Driving license must be valid in Europe and completed a minimum of 2 years.
• The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of gasoline with which it was delivered. The company will not refund the surplus of gasoline.
• The lessee expressly agrees to pay the amount of all fines, legal and other expenses arising from improper parking, traffic violations and standards of transportation and / or traffic regulations, which are directed against the vehicle or lessee, during the lifetime of this contract.
• Estrella Ruiz Ruiz assumes no liability for loss and damage of property or stored or transported in the vehicle for rent or terminate this object.
• Communicate to the lessor any incident or anomaly detected in the vehicle during driving.
• Manage, process and communicate all necessary data in case of accident.
• If the tenant wishes to extend the duration of this contract, it must do so irrefutably Estrella Ruiz Ruiz, at least 24 hours before the date of return of the vehicle, this does not exempt such renewal it is subject to prior approval by Estrella Ruiz of Ruiz.
• No person may use the vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of psychotropic substances or medications that may affect driving ability, you are not allowed to participate with the vehicle in races or sports competitions or private speed.
• It is strictly forbidden to drive near the sea, also, unpaved roads or dirt prohibited any expense arising resulting from the omission of this condition (workshop, crane, breakdown, etc.), borne by the customer. Partial or total rupture tires and tires for misuse thereof, inadequate refueling and total or partial loss or breakage of car keys, are borne by the customer.
• In case of a puncture in a wheel or a loss of air in the tyre, the driver has to stop immediately and replace or fix the wheel with the spare tyre or the repair set which are always inside of the boot. If it will be necessary the 24h roadside assistance could help you.
• Insurance included in the lease price and will not be applicable in claims related to reckless driving or when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances, etc.
• The tenant, whatever his/her nationality is, declares to have read the conditions of the front and back of this contract, which has agreed with his signature and for any differences that may arise in connection with this contract, both parties submit to the Law force and its application by the jurisdictions of the courts of the province where the rental has started.